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Tuesday 15 June 2021

Today's date with <name removed> was very unique as we had organised to meet at a cafe outside QVB, we actually first laid eyes in the elevator

not knowing that it was us meeting today, she was very attractive and we both smiled so i could not help myself but to say hi." Then as we left the elevator i went to the bathroom before it was time to meet her, then before approached the cafe place i recieved a call from her seeing where i was , and to my supprise it was that stunning looking girl from the elevator, i almost choked lol, but we both found it funny, it was a good way to start a conversation. We were there probably for 20 mins so it was not to long but enough to get a start in knowing each other, could not help look at her eyes as they were so beautiful to me. we had alot of small coversations, don't know if we were both nervious or just me, she told me pretty much what she was after which i agreed also and we left it as we will talk soon again. it was very hard for me to pick up any signs of her likeing me so i don't really know where i stand with that, But i do hope i see her again to step things up another level. So big 5* for your great matchmaking skills

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