Tuesday 21 May 2019


  • Robert.

Sydney. I have been a bachelor for a long time, so I decided to give a dating matchmaker from Rejoice Realtons Dating agency a go. I am very busy and hate seeking all those online profiles and getting bombarded and getting nowhere, when I know I am a fine guy. In the interview, I described myself and selected my type from pre matched profiles, they already knew my type and what I was seeking! Enrolled in a suitable membership and became a member. I have been meeting compatible ladies and to my satisfaction of appearance. I find it great and with my busy schedule it could not be a better option. As well as, meeting people that will not waste my time. I am very pleased and refer it to anyone.

  • Sally,

I live in the west I enjoy casual dates with no strings attached but always have security on my mind, a matchmaker makes me feel secure and safe! I am still studying at the moment and I am not ready to settle down, as I am having allot of fun. I am meeting people similar to myself who understand my needs. It is quick and discrete and most of all enjoying. I am open-minded and have a welcoming heart to all that inspire me. I am a cheeky passionate girl who enjoys life to the max.

  • Darren

I live in the inner city, my schedule it busy as I am self employed. I am seeking for casual fun in the mean time as I still seek that special someone in my life. I am enjoying the services as I am introduced to both casual 1st then later moved to permanent dates. I have casual fun while I seek a permanent partner as well. This is great for I am meeting likeminded people who are seeking the same. It cuts my time, and finances in half.

  • Melinda.

Joining Rejoice Relations has changed my views on dating. It is in my own time my own selection and meeting people intellectually on the same level.

I am a lady seeking a long-term relationship with a view to marriage. I believe in love and commitment. I found someone through Rejoice Relations that seeks the same. They separate the casuals and permanents that way it really works. Being that we are the love of one another’s lives understanding each other, yet have breathing space has truly been a miracle. Finding that special someone without trying so hard or being second best is my motto.

Thank you Rejoice it has been a great educational journey in my life. You have opened my eyes and a door to my new Love.

  • Doctor

Joining Rejoice Relations has changed my views on dating. My busy work schedule is not all about just work, Its more in helping others and enjoying the lifestyle I have. Meeting people face to face and enjoying the company dinners and lunches, my place or hers was more valuable then searching the endless profiles on the net, Not for me to be in the public eye that exposed. Rejoice Relations really found a membership suitable and knew my type. 

Thank you Rejoice Relations Enjoying my Dates!

  • Pete.

EAST. I can be very picky as i take care of my appearence and seek someone similar. Being an entrepreneur, I travel allot to EU and USA, I have many meetings and business dinners, I seek someone Intelligent in Conversation Academic A bonus but not be all. The major issue is the personality must be flexible easygoing, enjoy socialising and quite times. Has interests and hobbies. So when I Met ... Boy she was a stunner, I was very impresed in the selection and wouldnt you like to know!!! Were still dating. Thank you 

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