Difference between a traditional Matchmaker and online dating is evident. If you’re sick of chatting online and not meeting anyone, we guarantee you will meet someone.
With Rejoice Relations it’s easy – gets you meeting, not just chatting.
We eliminate unsuitable matches, only introducing you to quality people that suit your criteria.
Matching you to real people that you can meet, instead of creating you an online profile then bombard you with computer generated matches. With online dating a computer may be selecting your geo location over your real preferences; profiles may not be verified or recently updated! Seen them before! They may even be cloned from similar websites. Stop being just a number or location in a search engine. You’re narrowing down your true potential match.

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At Rejoice Relations both parties need to agree. Why be introduced to someone you’re not mutually interested in? With us it’s different; we do all that for you. You are only introduced upon agreement from both parties.

Our friendly matchmaker consultants will Guarantee Your Date and introduce you to compatible people, when both parties agree, then we issue contact details that enable you to contact each other and arrange a date. Simple, easy, guaranteed with a higher percentage towards successful results. We screen everybody; we know who seeks casual or permanent dating. Enabling us to introduce you, with likeminded people. Quality and Preference, over quantity. This enables you to meet the right people and saves you alot of time and money, more importantly gets you results and more dates face to face. The rest is up to your imagination. It’s always different meeting in person, face to face then a virtual online picture. 

REJOICE RELATIONS Dating Agency has various memberships affordable to all, enabling results in meeting real people in person. The easy, safe way to meet.
Thousands of guys and girls who are looking for love, relationships or just casual fun.
Successfully. Bringing people together. Since 1997
Rejoice Relations Dating Agency has the resources, experienced consultants who arrange an easy date and match ladies and gents of all ages, backgrounds and areas.
We cross-match you with compatible people you have been seeking to meet. All members enjoy meeting discreetly through our agency and many of them have found true happiness at Rejoice Relations. We match, once both parties agree we issue a telephone number to enable you to meet, in your own time with people like yourself.
About Casual Dates
Single or Attached
No strings attached. Dates affairs, flings or encounters
About Permanent Dates
Seeking partner for long-term relationship
Single, divorced, separated or widowed. When you are really truly ready.
We have witnessed a rise in proactive dating now that traditional social structures are disintegrating. Dating / matchmaking consultants are being embraced by all generations of men and women raised and living in a serviced culture.
Living in a fast paced world, people choose services of experienced professionals to save them time. E.g. If you are looking for employment you go to an employment web site; if you travel you go to a travel web site – Seeking a partner you come to rejoicerelations.com.au relationship dating for everyone.
We invest and regularly train our staff and update our technology. We employ experienced consultants assisting you to achieve results. It’s so easy and user friendly that can save you time!
As you become a member your profile works for you, together with your matchmaker on a basis that you can also choose or can be selected by someone else, or we match you with more defined needs and wants, with someone that suits your needs.

Please call 02 9299 9855 or fill up contact form and we will call you back ASAP.


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